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Sizing Sheepskin Footwear

Sheepskin peculiarities regarding sizing

Sheepskin shoes will stretch.  
A good fit is nice and firm, almost to the point of feeling a little uncomfortable.  
The shoes will mold to your feet within a couple of days of wearing them.  
NOTE: If your toes are bent you need a bigger size!  

Should I chose bigger or smaller?

If you are a half size, get the next size lower.  
For example, if you are an 81/2 US, get a size 8.  
If you are a size 9 1/2, get a size 9.

If you require a size that is off the chart

If you are a ladies size 12, get a men’s size 11.  If you are a men’s size 6, get a ladies size 7.  (Men’s and Women’s booties look the same, except for the color of the fur.)

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