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Learn More About Calcium and Magnesium Fast Absorbing Supplement

  1. 1. INSTANT CALMAG-C A Drinkable Mineral Supplement Laboratory-Formulated for Fast Absorption of Calcium and Magnesium
  2. 2. “…. Studies have shown that most Americans do not eat the recommended amount of calcium they need each day.” - Food and Drug Administration [FDA]
  3. 3. “About 43% of the US Population (including almost 70% of older women) uses dietary supplements containing calcium...” - National Institutes of Health [NIH]
  4. 4. The problem… Conflicting facts logically point to the crux of the problem: • Majority of Americans deficient, • Yet a majority take supplements • Suggests food supply is lacking • Proves mineral supplements are not effective in supplying adequate, required calcium
  5. 5. Problem manifestations… Calcium deficiency is manifested in a large majority in conditions such as: • Sleep issues • Stress, exhaustion, lack of energy • Colic, colon issues, constipation • General pain, soreness or tension • Poor athletic recovery
  6. 6. Why is this happening? The body has very specific requirements to absorb and use calcium including: • Calcium gluconate (not carbonate) • Balanced in ratio with magnesium • At a specific pH level • In an absorbable form Anything outside these parameters is unusable by the body…
  7. 7. Unusable calcium issues… When the body conditions to absorb calcium are violated: • The body will not absorb it • Calcium will remain unused • Deficiency symptoms appear • Unused calcium is just “rocks” • This can cause calcium deposits • New issues can be created…
  8. 8. Calcium misuse issues Getting the wrong form of calcium does more than compound deficiency: • Sits in the body as “rocks” • Creates mineral deposits • Accumulates in: • joints as arthritis • kidney as stones • eyes as cataracts
  9. 9. Calcium Gluconate Getting the proper form of calcium in exact ratio and pH: • Has all health benefits of calcium • Is a powerful pain killer • Used in injectable form to kill pain
  10. 10. Calcium Benefits Aside from healthy bones and teeth, calcium is a vital mineral for: • Mood stability • Pain sensitivity • Muscle and proper heart function • PMS • Numerous other body functions
  11. 11. Magnesium Benefits Magnesium is vital for body functions and processes including: • Blood sugar regulation • Muscle relaxation and recovery, proper heart function • Sleep cycle • Nerve function • Bowel regularity • Numerous other body functions
  12. 12. Instant CalMag-C Basis • The body requires calcium gluconate & magnesium carbonate • The body also requires these minerals in tandem and in a 2:1 ratio of calcium to magnesium • Due to the alkalinity of these minerals, an acid is also required for their absorption • These are seldom found in supplements
  13. 13. Instant CalMag-C Features • Instant CalMag-C uses calcium gluconate & magnesium carbonate • A precise 2:1 ratio of calcium to magnesium is used • Alkalinity issues balanced by the addition of vitamin C as an acid • No digestive assistance required. Instant absorption • This makes Instant CalMag-C an ideal and useable supplement
  14. 14. Instant CalMag-C Superiority • Minerals in incorrect form or ratio cannot be used by the body • Many people take inferior mineral supplements with no benefit • Minerals that cannot be absorbed are no better than rocks • Poor mineral supplements can do harm & leave deposits in joints, etc.
  15. 15. Instant CalMag-C Benefits • Fast absorption • Instant use by the body • Perceived benefits within minutes • Easy to prepare • Pleasant-tasting beverage can be mixed with teas or juices
  16. 16. An Athlete’s Endorsement Pro Football Player Endorses ICMC “Coach, I can play today!” “I suffered a Grade 3 concussion on the football field. The injury caused me to feel angry and I also experienced anxiety over not being able to play. “Coach had a bottle of Instant CalMag-C... after trying it and realizing it had been working for me, I did some research. “...not playing had me upset most of the time... Right away I was able to control my anger issues. I could tell the difference. “Another thing is I have really bad Restless Leg Syndrome... after taking the product, I slept well for 10 nights in a row... I slept better than I had in a long time. And my knees felt better. “I can tell you this: when I forget to take the product, I feel a HUGE difference.“ – Brian “Porkchop” Golnick, SoCal Coyotes
  17. 17. Instant Calmag-C Reviews What users of Instant CalMag-C have said about their experiences…
  18. 18. Sleep Issues… • “I sleep peacefully and walk long distances after using it…” • “It helped tremendously with my sleep. I could really get a good night’s sleep…” • “It calms me down and helps me with thyroid issues and relaxes me so I can sleep.” • “I've been sleeping a lot better and it's been helping me with my different work shifts and especially after running and lifting weights.“ • “Last night was my first use and I slept like a log. When I awoke seven hours later, I was rested and feeling energized.” • “Helps you sleep like a baby!” • “I sleep really good and wake up energized.” • “I just had brain surgery four months ago and the anti- seizure medicine was giving me insomnia. This has really helped.” • “I first had my 16-year-old son use it when we drove 3 hours to check out a college for him. He was so keyed up when we got to the hotel the night before he couldn’t get to sleep. Instant CalMag-C made him relax so he could go to sleep.”
  19. 19. Pain and painful conditions… • “This is a miracle powder. I no longer have arthritis pains…” • “I’ve had a lot of back pain for 30 years. It helped relax my back and my muscles and so forth…” • “My husband and I paint people’s homes. I am 55 and he is 62 and we do all the work ourselves. I drink up to 3 glasses a day to keep the aches and pains completely at bay. It is that simple and it works fast.” • “The product has helped me a great deal with my sciatica nerve pain since the first day of use.” • “Awesome product. My whole family is sleeping better and my leg cramps stopped at night!” • “I cannot stress enough what CalMag-C has done for me. As a dentist I have had many a sore wrist (carpal tunnel), hand cramps, stiff neck and knees due to working day in and day out handling dental needs.” • “I suffered from muscle stiffness and back pain for over 4 years now and I can´t believe that this suffering is at an end now!” • “ I have not experienced any leg muscle cramps since I have been using CalMag-C.” • “I can really feel the difference in my muscles. I don't get tingly legs or leg cramps now.“ • “I have been on four glasses of CalMag-C since I went to the dentist and have had almost no pain.”
  20. 20. Exercise and Fitness… • “My two oldest kids just started a very intense hockey program and have been asking for CalMag-C…” • “My sleep patterns improved dramatically. I was waking up less during the night (which was always a problem for me after exceptionally hard training sessions) and my overall muscle soreness was reduced. How could I not be excited to share this with my patients? • “I recover more quickly after strenuous work or exercise with less muscle aches. It really is great stuff and an integral part of my fitness routine. Thanks again.” • "Because of the nature of the sport I participate in, I am inclined to suffer from sore muscles and joints but taking CalMag-C helps immensely.” • “I feel like I can work much harder at gym and in my sport. My muscles are recovering much faster.” • “I started taking CalMag-C before my weekly squash game. My energy level has risen markedly since taking it and my opponents are beginning to ask me where I’m getting the extra zip from.” • “My 13-year-old daughter has been promoting the benefits of CalMag-C to the girls in her netball team and I now get mothers calling me the night before matches to remind me to send some for their children too!”
  21. 21. PMS and Cramps… • “If it’s that time of the month I don't have any period pains anymore!” • “I sleep like a baby and have no pre-menstrual tension and related body pains - NO back pain or swelling hands and feet.” • “I sleep so sound and it seems to have helped with my PMS - cramps and so on.” • “Usually 2 weeks before my period I get really moody but the Calmag-C totally handles this. No more mood swings. In fact I have no attention on it and I'm surprised when it's that time of the month.” • “I’ve just had my periods and hardly had any cramps at all! Normally I am doubled over for 3 days!!” • “It took away some heavy menstruation pain in minutes. The effect is really fast and my body feels so relaxed.” • “It has been miraculous with the horrendous menstrual cramping I’ve always suffered from my whole life!”
  22. 22. Issues With Babies and Children… • “Our daughter doesn't have teething symptoms any more and it really handles a lot as she sleeps better at night and it is easy to get her to bed.“ • “My friend’s 3 month old baby did not sleep well, she had jerks in her body and was sensitive to sounds. I gave my friend some CalMag-C which she took every day and, when she breastfed the baby, she gave some to the little one. Result: Baby slept like a log.” • “My baby is not even 2 months old and she is not suffering from colic any more. “Professionals” say they usually suffer from it until they are 3 months old.” • “My 7-year-old son is on the hyperactive side and his teacher has seen major improvement in his ability to concentrate in class. She even got the name of the product so she could tell other people.” • “My son tends to run fevers when he is teething and he recently woke with a fever of 102.5 and was irritable. I gave him some CalMag-C and within half an hour he was willing to nurse and his temperature had gone down somewhat. By morning his temperature was only 100.4.”
  23. 23. For more info or to purchase Instant CalMag-C: Toll free (877) 770-7717
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